Milan Fashion Week – Fall 2017

Monday, 30 de January de 2017

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Moncler Gamme Bleu presents a very ‘tied’ collection. Loaded with color and duvets, ropes and children’s airs for all the men of the world. Models who appeared strung together, for instance, conveyed the spirit of the sport even though they seemed collectively uncomfortable doing so.
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Prada presented last week its new collection fall / winter 2017. A retro-inspired collection inspired by the 70’s. Velvet and leather are imposed as fabrics for jackets, jumpers & shirts, which add psychedelic prints and slightly wide-cut trousers. As for colors, Prada regains the influence of burgundy, tile colors and brown, which also took much in the 70´s, along with other indispensable such as blue, black or military green.

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