Emporio Armani – Fall 2017

Wednesday, 18 de January de 2017


Last Saturday Emporio Armani presented how we are going to dress for the next fall/winter. A beautiful collection where the “feel” was the focus, via velvet brocades that looked like topographical cross sections, in panels of shaved fur, zip-up hoodies decorated with fine-gauged tresselations of pattern, and reams of wool pants purposefully left apparently raw. The show included some sportive looks and ended with some elegant pieces, which I personally loved them. I show you some photos with the Emporio Armani look I wore for the show and some of my favorites looks from the catwalk. Hope you like them!
AlbertoOrtizRey-MFW-2 AlbertoOrtizRey-MFW-3 AlbertoOrtizRey-MFW-4 AlbertoOrtizRey-MFW-5 AlbertoOrtizRey-MFW-6

Emporio Armani Total Look

AlbertoOrtizRey-MFWAlbertoOrtizRey-MFW-7 AlbertoOrtizRey-MFW-8 AlbertoOrtizRey-MFW-9 AlbertoOrtizRey-MFW-10 AlbertoOrtizRey-MFW-11

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